Liquid Love Christmas madness
Saturday 28 December 2019
Joti Sidhu (Psychaos)
Nikos Liquid Love (Dj Set)
N-igma(Dj Set)
The Rolling Stoned (Dj Set)
Joti Sidhu (Psychaos)
It was Acid House in 1988 that got Joti hooked on electronic dance music. It was also the same year that he started djing in bars and clubs around Brighton in the UK at the tender age of 17.
Acid house led onto the techno scene and shortly after that in 1993 Goa Trance, where he would be the producer and engineer of Ayahuasca along with Steve Ronan and Dino Psaras where all tracks were written at Joti’s studio in Brighton.
The first releases of Ayahuasca were on “A Concept in Dance”, XL Records, one of the first Psytrance compilations. Ayahuasca also released on Dragonfly Records and followed up these releases with a remix of Paul Oakenfolds “Rise” on Perfecto Records.
In 1995 he quit with Ayahuasca to start his solo project Psychaos that would go on to become a successful influence on the Goa scene and the developing Psy-Trance scene that followed it.
The first legendary release Psychaos “Psychaos” was on the second Concept in Dance entitled “Tribal Science” released in 1995.
This was when his sound and Psychaos became extremely popular around the globe playing at weird and wonderful places from Guadeloupe, French Caribbean, to Nevada Deserts “The Burning Man Festival”, from Castles in France and Yugoslavia, Ancient Ruins in Greece, Mount Fuji in Japan, to Expo Portugal in Lisbon, Summer ski resorts in the mountains of Switzerland to the clubby well trodden winter circuits of Europe and quite a few places and festivals in between.
In 1998 Joti released his solo album Psychaos “Cause and Effect” on Atomic records.
After the closing of Atomic Records in late 2002, Joti “put himself back to school”, redefined his sound and techniques and dropped the PSYCHAOS name and went with his given name Joti Sidhu.
in 2003 he finished his second album “Punktuator”, which shows him taking a cleaner, slicker production line and joining forces with and releasing on Neurobiotuc Records.
Joti would also team up with Simon Posford (Hallucinogen/Shpongle) to create Audio Chemistry, their first track Long Long Arms is featured on this album.
After a string of releases on compilations he returned to the studio to complete his 3rd album released in 2007, ‘New Sensations’ also released on Neurobiotic.
His 4th album Order to Chaos released in 2010 saw Joti returning to his techno roots and branching out in experimental psytech themes and collaborations.
Since then Joti has returned to his techno roots to look for further inspiration which led him onto becoming head engineer and producer at the biggest studio complex in ibiza.
Joti made a remix album in 2014 that he didn’t release, it has been the main ingredients of his PA and Live shows.
In 2010 Joti played his first Psychaos Retro Goa set and the sound is once again becoming hugely popular, moving another generation of party goers and many many retro sets of the old Psychaos project gracing parties all over the globe once again.
Next year is the 25th anniversary of Psychaos.
You can expect to see some interesting releases and re-releases of classics in 2020.
His sets now incorporates a wide range of his music from the 90s through to modern day .. its a real trip !!
Astro – D aka ( Skyway ) aka ( Dim Day ) is a Corfu / Hellas based multi genre music project helmed by Dimitris Bletsas
With several full length albums and tons of singles and EPs released this world trotting act continues to gain momentum across the planet with solid productions, memorable anthems, and top collaborations and remixes with many of the worlds leading bands and labels, who got his start DJing in Athens in the early 90’s, spinning techno and breaks in several famous clubs.In his nonstop touring Astro – D has had the distinct honor to have played alongside top notch Psy acts as: Laughing Buddha / Max Etnica / Hux Flux / Spirit Architect / DJ Shane Gobi / Miranda / Tristan / Logic Bomb / Mechanimal / Pulsar / Talamasca / M-Theory / Cosmosis / Total Eclipse / Juno Reactor / Outsiders and many more. In 2019 Astro D performed at (Ozora Festival) in California U.S.A and joined exclusive with the Hellenic based agency Medussa Bookings
Worth mentioning are the officially supported and highly acclaimed releases of remixes that were created under his fingertips for artists like: Etnica / Astral Projection / Shakta / Cosmosis / Overlords / Manmademan / Ubar Tmar / Prana / Braincell / Hux Flux / Logic Bomb
Nikos LiquidLove
Nikos Liatsikas aka Nikos LL was born in Athens and he is a pioneer of the greek psytrance scene & organizer of “Liquid Love” parties. His first party, on 1994, was with Dj from (TIP records) and was the beginning of the psy-trance scene in Greece!! Since then he organized hundreds of parties and he is a well respected Dj, promoter and producer for almost 26 years now. Nikos LL has played in Greece, India, Holland,USA(Psytribe) UK, Romania and more countries, in various underground parties and festivals. As a Dj and producer Nikos LL desire for interaction with the crowd allows him to combine his own sound and style, entrancing and often surprising the dancefloor.
Having over fifteen years DJ career, N-igma is considered to be one of the leading trance DJs and promoters in Greece. Konstantinos Tsiatsios, aka DJ N-igma, was born in Athens and since his teenage years got hooked up to psy-trance parties. Moving to the magical island of Rodos for studies, at the late 90s, he started making his own parties and playing sets at the biggest local clubs and beach parties organised at that time. After living in UK for two years and expanding his music knowledge, he returned to Athens and started making his own parties under the “Baraka” name. Hosting artists like E-Clip, Indra, Hi-Profile, Orca, Aphid Moon, Fobi, Virtuanoise, Shidapu, Pause and many more. His growing reputation gave him a chance to become a resident DJ for F.S.I. Dance Events, the greatest and most innovative organisation in Greece. This made him widely know for his diversity in his sets, from progressive trance with pumping, groovy sounds to morning full-on with uplifting melodies and killer kicks, as he shared decks with the biggest names of the scene : Liquid Soul, Ace Ventura, G.M.S., Astrix, Neelix, Bizzare Contact, Atmos, Egorythmia etc. Having started his own productions nowdays, his aim is to deliver to the audience the most updated and creative trance music.
The Rolling Stoned
Members: dj Kostas Pieces and Argy Echosense.
Kostas ‘Pieces’ is from Athens, Greece. His first contact with psychedelic music was back in 1995 and since then he is travelling on psy soundscapes. He is the owner and a radio producer @ Dice Radio ( . He likes fat and groovy basslines and soundscapes from outer space! Argyris – (Argy Εchosense) is from Piraeus, Greece. This city boy and nature’s man is just another cyber hippy between you because Psychedelic Trance music felt into his DNA in 1995. He began djing psychedelic trance in 1997 wherever they call him and he felt comfortable. He made the first global television project: “HUMAN PAGAN STORIES” about Psychedelic Trance Music in 2001, at BLUE SKY TV and he was member of the SAMOTHRAKI DANCE FESTIVAL project . He is producer and program manager on DICE RADIO. He made a release in 2010, a double cd compilation with Freeze mag “HUMAN PAGAN STORIES” PART 1 & PART 2
Dancer performer: Natalie Gathi Model / Entertainer
Natalie Gathi, is a multi skilled performer, coming from Athens, Greece and based in Brighton, UK. Natalie specialises in a variety of show girl acts, including Fire & Lights, Burlesque & Cabaret. She has a passion for modelling and has also been working as a movie extra, ring girl and walkabout immersive performer. She has performed in various events and festivals across the UK & Europe such as Boomtown Festival, Balter Festival, Brighton Fringe and more.
Resident performer:
Mad Hatter’s Tribe
Zahara Experience: Burlesque & Cabaret Show, every Saturday at Zahara Club, 77 East Street, Brighton.
Temple Movement by Twisted Frequencies. The most popular Psy – Trance night in Brighton.
Natalie, had been a coordinator of outdoor and charity events since 2013 and she is an active Performance Act & Event Manager since 2015 of the “Mad Hatter’s Tribe”. A team that provided unique entertainment. Promoting artists coming from different backgrounds such as live music, DJs, circus acts and more.
Artwork by AuraMedia Lab
Deco: PsyUnity Decoration
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See you on the dancefloor !!