Thursday 28 November 2019
INTERNAL AXIS Presents Mike Pipes at Tokyo City Bar.
Line Up:
Mike Pipes (Syncopate, Techno-Gramm, No Love)
UnderTone (JAYS RECORDS, FACES Series)
Nikko Repits (No Love)
Karren (No Love)
Starts: 23:00
Entrance: Free
Valaoritou 29 – Thessaloniki
At first Floor
Mike Pipes
Mike Pipes was born in 1995 in Feldbach, Austria. He discovered the love of music early on when he got his first instrument at the age of seven. At that time it was a clarinet, but two years later he started with the drums, which later became the foundation for his techno career. At the age of 15, Mike thought his future would be gangster rap. With his former buddy Fabian aka Zeus aka Sheephead he recorded some tracks, which were never released. At the age of 17, Mike was towed to his first techno party, where Sam Paganini was the headliner. And although he had absolutely nothing to do with techno until then, he fell in love with the whole genre when the track Rave was played. After three years and more than 100 visited techno events, he and his best friend decided to start their own event series called Techno-Gramm. Since then, Mike has played live on over 40 events and has planned and co-hosted 20 of them. In 2018 he met Danny Fontana, his future mentor. Through him, Mike achieved his first producer skills. He also helped him to his first international contacts and his first official EP, which was released in April 2019 on Hi Tek. In July 2019, Mike Pipes released his first solo-EP called “Destiny EP” on Syncopate.
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-Born in Thessaloniki, UnderTone, began focusing on music from an early age. With the assistance of some producers and special persons, he entered the music industry at the age of 15 years and has made significant steps since then. Influenced by famous and globally recognized DJS in the electronic music scene especially in House music and later focusing on other genres such as … .Minimal and Techno … Graduated A2 DJ Music Workshop and took the 2nd place in City In The Mix Dj Competiton 2014!
With appearances at Reworks Festival / Bloque Festival / Reborn Festival and near many national branded names like Sam Paganini, Marco Bailey, Ilario Alicante, Gaiser, Enrico Sangiuliano, Harvey Mckay, Shinedoe, Rodriguez Jr. , Matt Sassari, Rob Hes, Gregor Tresher, Nikola Gala, Axel Karakasis, Boronas, Alex Dimou etc… He accomplished his talent to be recognized nowadays as being part of George Adi’s FACES Series and NIght In Motion Team both established in Thessaloniki Greece!!
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Nikko Repits
-He was born in 27 of September at 1992.Raised in Kos island and loved music due to his father (radio DJ). At his 17 made his first professional performance in a club at Kos. He continued performing as a disc jockey in her known clubs. Like Mylos Beach Bar, Nova Vita, Hamam Club, X-Club. Warmed up serious names such as Sasha, Kiko Navarro, Mikele, Andriano Papadea, Alex Dimou, Junior Pappa. From 2014 to 2016 he studied at Thessaloniki Music Engenering and Music Technology at IEK DELTA. Since then he works on Music Production and Audio Mixing. Member of NOLOVE party series with Nisia and MB1 djs. NOLOVE party series was a big collaboration with greek djs and producers like Junior Pappa, Mr Ado, Paul Anthonee, dj Antonio, Symmetric, Sera J. Today, his base is in Thessaloniki and has live appearances in Earth Club along with Boston 168 and in Tokyo City Bar with Internal Axis Project.
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-Nikos Kargakos Borned and raised in Rhodes. Greece. His love for music began since an early age as he had a specific connection with sound. His dream was to be a sound engineer and that’s where his path took a form. He studied sound engineering at Thessaloniki, SKG and continued with music production. Later, his first gig came and thus a new dj was born. The past 2 years his love for electronic music started emerging as he combines his sound knowledge with a creative mind to produce. In summer 2019, he made his first appearance at Thessaloniki SKG with No Love Project and since then is an active member of the team. Had performances along with great Dj/Producers such as Aney F. , George Adi, Anabel Sigel, Chris Rodian, Michael Sak , Bleur , UnderTone, MB1official and Theony.
Also is the Founder of Nemesis MusicTeam and has his own ambition for the future.
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No Love
-No love was Born From Love,Love about electronic music, love about art, love about each others dreams!No love is a provocative erristic name which was made only to describe the situation around the world where everyone forgets to express or even feel love
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