PIXI welcomes Just This Athens w/ Trikk , Hunter/Game, PISETZKY, HILL OF VISION at six d.o.g.s
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Trikk is an internationally acclaimed producer and dj, originally from porto (portugal) and now based in berlin. His work with dixon & âme’s innervisions label together with his busy touring schedule have launched him onto the global stage as part of the next gen of underground house music.
With a consistent drip feed of biannual releases since 2011, trikk has avoided the pressures of social media, rather focussing on a carefully considered output. This creation of space between producer and audience encourages the flow of new ideas, giving freedom to steer clear of the latest trends and expectations. With each release he aims to demonstrate his development as an artist, taking the time to properly digest influences and inspirations.
This approach also carries through to his dj performances. He has been winning over audiences around the globe with sets that showcase his unique perspective, free from outside pressures and conventions.
His sets are patient with a delicate sense of timing, well-formed musical selection, flawless harmonic mixing and dynamic storytelling.
Since his relocation to berlin, the hub of europe’s electronic music scene, he has been able to reach a wider audience with access to some of the best clubs and festivals in the world as well as increasing his worldwide appearances. He’s also a staple on the innervisions label showcase events and has fast become a favourite with fans.
His musical output has also garnered attention. Since his first ep for the label, “florista” a playful rhythmic experimentation with hypnotic synth lines, he has continued to release music that resonates both with fans and artists.
His 2017 double ep “mundo ritual” expands on the use of african rooted percussion with more powerful electronics. Pristine production, attention to detail and the careful use of silence creates a dramatic release that exhibits a clear progression from his earlier productions.
In 2018’s “vilara ep” trikk shifts his focus from rhythm to crescendoing melody in a pair of synth driven compositions. Clearly designed with specific pinnacle moments in mind, he adds to a carefully crafted and steadily evolving discography that reflects his experiences and journey as an artist as it continues to grow.
With four years of close affiliation with the innervisions team, trikk has become an integral part of the label’s lineup and is helping to shape the sound of the next wave of artists. With more releases in the pipeline, we can expect new original work, exciting collaborations and performances to follow.
Balance is the key to Hunter/Game’s music. It’s part of growing up in Milan – a sophisticated urban center for film, fashion and art, but whose inhabitants relish the contrast of spending reflective time in the nature that surrounds the city. Having been part of Milan’s techno scene since its first days, the duo of Emmanuele Nicosia and Martino Bartola now find themselves equally influenced by the city and by nature – making music that harnesses the urban propulsion of techno within an introspective, thoughtful take on melody.
It started in 2010 with the “Just This” parties. Hunter/Game’s own party, held in secret locations round the city, Just This has made Milan a compulsory stop for the touring electronic artist – from early shows that focused on local acts like Mind Against and Tale Of Us, growing to far bigger events with names like Dixon, Seth Troxler, Koze, Tennis and other DJs in Hunter/Game’s worldwide scene. And alongside the parties, the duo have released on Innervisions, Rumours, Last Night on Earth, My Favourite Robot, Hot Creations and Dynamic – with a Kompakt release in early 2015 – and each EP has earned more fans for their lush, deep-grooved analogue soundscapes.
In 2015, alongside a heavy Europe and North American touring schedule, Hunter/Game will open the doors of the new Just This vinyl label. Distributed by Kompakt, the label opens with the leftfield electronic dance stylings of Danish-Icelandic band Primal, a Hunter/Game release, and another to come within five months. With a stylistic approach that leans toward Hunter/Game’s own, Just This releases are aimed at the discerning dancefloor, but are as influenced by the wild ambition of 80s electronic acts as by contemporary analogue production techniques.
But even with this worldwide success, Milan is still the base. Having painstakingly helped grow the local scene, Hunter/Game see themselves as responsible for keeping the energy of Just This going. As other DJs have moved away – and despite Hunter/Game’s regular slots at key international clubs like Fabric, The Edge, Warung, Output, Wilde Renate and Studio 80 – the duo see that combination of urban and country, and sophistication and lucidity, as critical to their inspiration and their future experiments with sound.
Pisetzky spent his firsts years to discover all the deepest bass lines of different sound dimensions, becoming quickly one the finest rising talents from the vibrant milan’s electronic music scene.
Being part of the label just this which he runs together with his fellows and friends hunter/game, his ep “elevation” released in 2016 quickly enhanced as a dance floor anthem, with the gem “adria” crowned 1st on resident advisor chart. His latest releases on the same imprint, “perù”, an original track with tom trago, and ‘’self dimension’’ have also move hearts and minds of dedicated connoisseurs and clubbers.
After this he released his first album, and some of his tracks were selected for various compilations and reprinted on majors sucjh “balance” for james zabiela’s ones and “fabric” which signed the track on “afterlife” for the the tale of us 97 compilation, both reached first position in all the classifications as well as various prizes and golden and platinum record.
After his album, he continued printing on the most recognized labels such as “suara” “oddity” just to name a few. Also did different remixes too, now he is working on his new album which will see the light for the end of the year 2019.
Pisetzky performed at internationally recognized festivals such as amsterdam’s ade and mexico’s bpm festival, burning man , social music city, dgtl, polifonic, highlight, distortion, grido, barrakud, off sonar, life and death, afterlife at space ibiza closing, cocoon, with love, cross, toured all europe, south americas and us, middle and south estern countries, india, japan, korea, as well as in almost all the famous clubs around the globe.
Pisetzky reveals a refined appetite to explore forward thinking and melancholic techno soundscapes. A unique and powerful blend of deep textures, pounding beats and piercing synths, which led him to his style: powerful and melancholic multi layered soundscapes.
Hill Of Vision produces and performs electronic music. He remains underground from the beginning of Trance, and is currently a member of Milan based collective JUST THIS.
’Evolution EP’, released in 2019, consists of high energising tracks in a funereal electronic space and features remixed tracks with other artists..HILL OF VISION take the listener on a journey, a balance between music for the mind, and music for festival, forests and dance floor His sets are usually defined by the deeper side of the spectrum of techno.